Laundry Clip Flash Drive


If you were tired of trying all those highly geeky USB gadgets and wanted a USB gadget with a twist, you must try the “Poor“, which is a USB Flash drive that looks like a laundry clip. I can’t really be sure if anyone would want to use these flash drives to dry clothes as well, but I am pretty sure this is an almost sarcastic way of saying you are not as geekish as everyone thinks you really are.

In order to prove you are cool and not geekish, you could try getting these flash drives that look like laundry clips and you could even attach it at various places of your body, just like the model you see in the pictures.


There is however no information about what the storage capacity is and thus it brings me to my second predicament. Could this be a laundry clip that ‘looks’ like a flash drive and not vice versa? If that were the case, my entire interpretation would change, and it might be the dream of a bombshell maid who wants to project the image of being an intellectual snob, or at worst, being a geek herself.


There have been the weirdest USB gadget designs all this while and I fail to understand what exists in these gadgets that inspire the designers so much! You could try the gross Tampon USB Drive or the kinky Finger Flash Drive which are basically sexist in nature. Come to think of it, ‘Poor’ is sexist as well.