Huge Nintendo DSi made from Lego


The Nintendo DSi handheld was released just a few days ago, and for the launch, a 7 foot huge Lego replica was made to make the toy console even more fun.



This amazing Nintendo DSi took over 200 hours for the artist Sean Kenney to put up and is now showing in Rockefeller Center in New York for all kids, adults and other geeks to take pictures next to. As Sean mentions at his site, this oversized Nintendo handheld is made up of a total of 51,324 colorful Lego bricks, is approximately 7 feet wide and weighs just about 250 pounds.



This Lego art is in combination with the huge Nintendo World Store that provides all kinds of goodies for the various Nintendo fans that visit.



Besides the images here and the video below, more information, images and details can be found at Sean’s site, including the ability to contact him…in case you want another game console made larger than life.



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