Control your Lawnmower with a Wii Remote


While we all know how annoying and cumbersome it is to get up and start mowing the lawn, it may come as a surprise that one can now actually enjoy doing the world’s most boring job. Employees of a university in Denmark have created the Casmobot, the Wiimote controlled lawnmower. The Casmobot is equipped with receivers to be able to follow commands from a Wiimote.

If you are a little more than just surprised, you must just try to get this cool device, which looks almost like a futuristic machine but is only controlled by one of the most common remote control devices available today. The motion detectors present in the Wiimote do all the magic and you can play games and clear shoddy grass simultaneously.

This way, you will never have to bother about angry and annoyed looks thrown back at you be neighbors who just cannot stand overgrown grass within your territory. The only problem I see however is the difficulty of being able to concentrate on the game while there is a possibility of the lawnmower mowing something that shouldn’t be!

Wii and its accessories have encouraged and inspired many budding scientists and inventors. The Wii DIY Projects may bring out the inventor in you as well! If you want to check out other lawnmowers and if you are not a great fan of either Wii or gaming, you could check out the other Remote Control Lawnmower we had featured earlier.

Thanks Kevin for the Tip

Via: GadgetsCrunch