Tetris Furniture Design


People really love Tetris, and I am not kidding, people really can’t get over that classic game, and the colorful bricks keep popping up in so many different forms, including actual home furniture design concepts or Tetris plates.


Artists Diego Silvério and Helder Filipov have created a beautiful furniture design that uses the Tetris bricks we have all known to both love and hate. This cool concept is actually pretty practical if you take a minute; it utilizes the different shapes in order to provide great storage space in an efficient and colorful way.


The different bricks combined show many different options and ways for gamers to also have a great looking room and profess their utmost love for the original Tetris game. Even though you are a gaming geek, it doesn’t mean you have to leave in a complete mess and not have some modern design furniture.


Thanks so much for the images and heads up Diego Silvério, these are absolutely beautiful!