Geeky iPhone 3G Cufflinks Jewelry


Just when you thought the iPhone fever is coming to an end, you are presented with this cute and adorable iPhone 3G cufflinks set. It is as tiny as a cufflink can get but still manages to hold all the original details intact. It comes with the 18 keys and everything that you could see in a normal sized iPhone 3G.

However, one tiny quibble could be that iPhones are becoming too common these days and anything that becomes too popular loses its significance and exclusivity. Nevertheless, I don’t think one would see people wearing iPhone cufflinks even if they are huge fans of the phone themselves. The cufflinks cost $22 each set and are a must-buy if you are a huge iPhone fan. Even otherwise, the piece can give stiff competition to designer jewelry found on the high streets.

Moreover, cufflinks themselves are making a comeback. Since they are in vogue these days, you must also try the Guitar Hero Cufflinks we had featured earlier. If you are particular about the iPhone and would not settle for anything that is a little different, try the cute and cozy iPhone 3G Earrings. It is a surprise that these cufflinks have still not garnered enough attention from the style-seekers.


Via: GeekyGadgets