Hellboy Art Vinyl Toy


If you could not get enough of Hellboy and his adventures trying to save the U.S. government against Nazis and Baba Yaga, you must try to check out this awesome Hellboy vinyl toy. With his characteristic demonic and monstrous hands, he carries lethal weapons and I am sure it would be a great gift to anyone who loves the eponymous movie and comics.

Avatar 666 has uploaded pictures of Hellboy’s cool vinyl toys. Hellboy is certainly one of the more charismatic characters we have seen in a couple of decades. Even in this toy version, just like the Hellboy Lego, he looks all set and ready to take against the evil forces that strive to defeat established governments and innocent people.

However, there is no information about the availability of this toy but I am sure you could get one of yourself if you contact the maker. Hellboy certainly looks cool and formidable, but I always have wondered why Animax’s Hell Girl is not part of the whole scene. If you like Hellboy’s vinyl toys, you may also want to try and check out the Clockwork Orange Munny and the Mega Man Munny. Looks like vinyl toys will soon be the rage all over the world!

Thank you Avatar 666 for the images!