Geeky Pi Tie


One of the worst nightmares that kids have while growing up is being condemned to an eternity of solving a recurring fraction. If you are one such kid who grew up to be a geekish adult by any chance, you might perhaps want to by the Pi Symbol Tie as an ode to the ambivalence you felt towards this famous symbol.

The tie is made of hundred percent imported silk and is meant for those who cannot leave their math and numbers behind. The tie is also designed to keep the wearer comfortable and cool as it does not weigh more than 8 ounces. The Pi Symbol Tie is availble here and is a great way to make a fashion statement in an otherwise cold and unfeeling business atmosphere. Who knows, the wearer of this tie may attract more attention from possible clients who would be attracted to the Pi symbols sprayed all across the tie!

However, if looking chic and sophisticated is one of your goals, this tie may not be the product you would want to buy. The Pi symbol has inspired many designers to create products in order to bring back the bittersweet memories of school back again. You could try buying the Pi Ice Cubes and have a nice laugh with your friends and other guests. The Pi Number Cork Trivet and the Pi Pie are other interesting ancient symbol influenced products we have featured.

Via: Craziest Gadgets