Emotional Interactive Touch Pillow


Researchers at MIT’s Ambient Media have created what they call the Relational Pillow. The device is an interactive pillow concept that understands touch instructions and helps as a communication aid between different people. The pillow uses Wi-Fi technology to allow the users connect and communicate with other Relational Pillow users far away.

This would be of great help to separated lovers who long for each other’s company while in bed. They would no more feel lonely and secluded, as the Relational Pillow would help the lovers to stay in touch while both of them are not physically near each other. This could also suggest that the Relational Pillow is the first gadget or device to enhance and support long distance relationships.


It would interesting to see this concept be developed as a commercial project, as people would certainly be interested in staying in touch with people who are physically far away. This could also be a step in the right direction and could encourage further research into developing products that aid and support long term relationships.

Pillows seem to be getting a lot of interest these days from researchers and the Computer Keyboard Pillow is just one of them. This pillow allows the user to type and use it as a keyboard and when tired, the user can just slump into it. The Ctrl Alt Delete Pillows are stylish and nerdy pillows, which may appeal to certain sections of nerds.

Via: GizmoWatch

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