Computer Keyboard Doormat Invites You to Enter


Doormats could be really pleasing at times. Especially when you’ve had a back day and you have none to welcome you, I guess a peppy doormat laid might just fill in the place. This “Enter” Doormat is what I am talking about. Pieter Woudt created this doormat from recycled rubber, so it’s eco-fit and dainty for anybody’s cave. It another distinct member of the Computer Keyboard inspired family.

The “Home” Doormat is the same as the previous one. So here’s a tip, if your visitors have long feet, you could place both one after another and make it look like “Enter Home” What say you? Anyway, each mat retails for $30.


Do check the Space Invaders Doormat that is laced with technology and looks pepped up.

Via Gearlog