Star Wars Characters Kokeshi Dolls


Here are some beautiful handmade Star Wars Kokeshi dolls, which take inspiration from the Star Wars Characters. You could choose to purchase either Princess Leia, Han Solo or even Boba Fett, but of course they would all come in the Kokeshi avatar. Kokeshis are Japanese dolls, which are famous in the northern part of that country. They are always handmade from wood and have the characteristic large heads and thin lines painted to create facial details.


You would also notice the floral designs on the body, which is also characteristic of Kokeshi dolls. Apparently, the Kokeshi dolls also have a darker history, with them being associated with infanticide until 20th century in Japan. Muluc certainly knows how to combine these artistic Japanese dolls and the characters of Star Wars. The results are surprisingly beautiful and visually striking.


These Star Wars collectibles could be an addition to your proud collection of Star Wars Characters. These dolls cost $15 each and are made from the best quality wood possible. You would not go wrong with these dolls, as they would bring a new essence to the already cool Star Wars universe. Perhaps we shall soon see other gaming characters in a Kokeshi avatars, who knows! For other cool artwork from the series, check out the Star Wars Matryoshka Dolls.

Via: Neatorama