Skin Wristwatch Design


For centuries, philosophers have pondered abut the meaning of vanity ad no one seem to have arrived at a conclusion. Vanity and self indulgence might be the most dreaded qualities a person finds in himself, but Tao Ma has almost created a parody on vanity through his Vain Wrist Watch.


The reason why he calls the watch vain is not known, but it is quite amusing to learn that the watch displays time on your skin. The Vain Wrist Watch needs no tangible surface in order to reveal the time, for it reflects time in different levels of brightness and also colors, depending on the time. If one were to understand Chinese, the watch also displays time in that language.


The reason why he calls it vain may be due to the fact that people have always obsessed over their skins and when the watch reveals time on one’s skin in an aesthetic manner, people would certainly find it quite outlandish. Time being revealed directly on one’s skin is certainly the best parody ever on this basic human quality! Watch designs have always engrossed us with their beauty and innovation. One such beautiful and functional watch is the Watch Camcorder, and I am sure you would love this watch too!


Via: GizmoWatch