Darth Vader South Park Papercraft Model


The quintessential villain from Star Wars, Darth Vader, is now immortalized, so to speak, in paper. However, the papercraft involves certain South Park elements and if you were wondering how, you may recall that “Darth Chef” is often fitted with a Darth Vaderesque suit.

It is rather surprising how Star Wars has held everyone’s imagination and continues to inspire new artworks among different people.

Moreover, Darth Vader himself appeared with many characters in the opening sequence of South Park. With all this in mind, the papercraft is quite amusing to stare at and also to learn that it has been handcrafted carefully.

Claudio Dias certainly knows what he is doing with his paper and the Darth Vader papercraft simply is an example of his prowess with the paper cutting skills. I am sure even the most deft Origami artist would feel a tinge of envy when he looks at the lines and curves of these amazing paper Darth Vaders.

He recently was there at the MAX 2008 and received great praises from everyone there. The Darth Vader comes with a cool looking light saber and of course, a paper-sturdy removable helmet.  You could also check out the interesting Millennium Falcon Papercraft, if that interests you.

Via: PaperInside