Magnetic Rubik’s Cube


Rubik’s Cube is something that has fascinated geeks for a very long time, and thus has inspired people to build different types of cubes. Gary Fixler worked real hard and put in a lot of effort over two and half weeks to create the beautiful Magnetic Rubik Cube.


The cube was built using 27 acrylic cubes and 108 D32 magnets. It comes with labels to assist the user to solve the puzzle but Gary points that most people came back to him with the pieces oriented wrong. He also reveals that this particular Rubik cube is quite tricky and may take ages to solve, even if you are good at it.


However, Gary was disappointed to find out that there was already a Chinese make of the same that costs just $5, whereas he spent close to $80 to build this on his own. He intends to add LEDs into the cube in order to make it more snazzy and futuristic. The Magnetic Rubik Cube looks quite attractive, mostly because of the translucence of the cubes and also, the luminosity which can be seen.


Overall, it is a wonderful and amazing new design and Thank You Gary for the great Rubik’s cube images and info! Check out the rest of the images below.