Spy Cam Tie James Bond Would Love


There are tons of different Spy Gadgets to long for, but this spy cam tie is not just any web cam, it is probably the easiest to hide and use, plus it will make you look a little more like the smooth James Bond.

This normal looking tie has a mini spy camera hidden within its pattern design, so it would be very difficult for the untrained eye to realize it is on film. It provides easy transfer of AVI files with its built in USB drive with a storage capacity of 2GB. Moreover, there is a remote control included, so you could keep your hands off the actual spy tie when you are interested in starting or halting video recording.

This is a really great addition to James Bond gadgets that would be easy to use and also could collect great data on unsuspecting victims. It costs $66 at Brando.

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Via: GeekyGadgets