Shrek Wedding is Hillarious


Shrek fans will eat their heart out, knowing that someone has taken their dream, idea and the beautiful Fiona and decided to have a Wedding theme of the popular animated film.

While many may dream of amazing Wedding themes, only few actually go out and do it. This couple though really hit it right, both reenacting the Shrek film and also looking really similar to the crude characters. I am sure some producer would love to make a documentary of the film, a Shrek reality series, or even bringing Shrek away from animation. Either or, I think this fairltale couple really delivers the goods.

I must say that I am green with envy and would wish I had the courage to carry on such a feat. It seems more than just for looks but a whole lot of fun.Check out the gallery for great images of the lovely Shrek and Fiona.

Via: Geekologie