Control a Segway NXT Bot with a Wii Controller


Epokh has devised a way to control a Segway kind of robot using the Wiimote. The Lego Nxt Bot bears a striking resemblance to the much loved Segway and Epokh tames it with Wiimote by using the necessary software and also letting us know the configuration details step by step. Epokh used Lego NXT with OSEK firmware and certain platforms like Ubuntu, Python and Bluetooth. With these and the Wiimote, the NXT bot can be easily controlled with the Wiimote instead of the gamepad. The buttons and accelerators help in controlling as well.

In the video, one can see the bot being controlled by the Wiimote quite easily. Once you go through his tutorial, you would be going at it like a pro! In fact, you would drive the balancer and gradually learn to maneuver the bot more easily than you can ever imagine. The bot itself looks quite interesting with the android red eyes and a funny gait. It would be interesting to see more bots and toys being controlled by the Wiimote.

Anyway, one would get really tired playing all those video games without a break and since we can’t really get rid of our favorite controller, we might as well put it to other uses such as, controlling this robot here. There seem to be a number of other gadgets as well, that could be controlled using the Wiimote. One of them is the Wii Controlled Lawnmower which we had featured earlier.

Via: HackaDay