Spray Paint Can Lamp Design


Here is a table lamp that is made out of a spray paint can and thus proving the popularity of eco-friendly products. The lamp may not look elegant or stylish but having one of these on the desk will speak a lot about your eco friendly attitude. Spray paint cans lamps will only add a green charm to the boring study tables.

The Krylon paint can lamps designed by Portland based artist Jake Rankin can be clamped at any place. A 30 watt flood light can illuminate any corner or desk. It can be flexibly swiveled and used as per ones need. With the paint can nozzle taking on a new role as the lamp switch, get ready to spray light instead of paint!

One can choose paint brands, colors and get them custom made to suit one’s personal taste. They are priced at $16 – $40 (depending on location for shipping). These designer lamps will take just two weeks to reach your homes.