Laptop Case for Airport Travelers


Airport Security checks are painful in case you are carrying your gadgetry. Well, one cannot even blame the airport authorities in the light on recent terror fears, but this Laptop bag will make the process a little easier.

In light of the US Security norms, Hammacher Schlemmer has introduced this laptop bag that features a separate compartment for your laptop with a clear plastic window. So during the checks, you just to have open the bag and slide through the X-ray machine and Bingo! The image would be same as something physically placed in the bin.

Like any secure laptop case, this compartment too has a lining of foam padding and is made from durable ballistic nylon. It’s an organized heaven with 20 pockets. There is also a gusseted compartment with a file divider and nine pockets for storing laptop cords and peripherals. Hammacher makes stuff with lot of utility and thinking, this is even more evident  for a  reusable clear, zippered bag holds allowable liquid and gel.

With no doubts on utility of this bag, I would not prefer so many pockets for I’ll have to keep a log as to what I stuffed in which pocket! Anyway, the bag is available at the company website for $140.

If you are looking for other alternate laptop cases, check out Specialty Laptop bags from Timbuk2.

Via Random-Good-Stuff