Musical Pillow Speaker DIY


If you can’t sleep without listening to soothing music and are not allowed to play music either, you might as well build something that solves your problem. As they say, necessity is mother of all invention. One user has invented a way to sew in speakers in to the pillow; you can now make your pillow play soft tunes only for you.

Using Goodnight Pillow DIY project can convert your favorite pillow into player in few easy steps. You can simply sew in parts and add small speaker in to button holes and you have your singing pillow ready!

Now you can ignore your snoring partner or irritable silence loving partner and listen to soothing tunes and drift into sleep using this one. In fact this user came up with his project to ‘save her marriage’. She simply sewed up simple technology inside her small pillow and let the tunes drift her into bliss and sleep.

There are commercial pillows with integrated sound systems available in the market, but it would be more fun to sew up this musical pillow all by yourself and cheat your partner!

For other great speakers diy, check out the amazing Mini Array Speakers. If the pillow part is more to your liking, then there are amazing designs of various bed pillows.

Via: Instructables Via talk2myshirt