Light Switch Cover Designed Steampunk Style


A lot of modern utilitarian objects have been modded by steampunk artists in recent times. Their fetish for natural stuff laden with new-age concepts is what makes everybody go gaga over it. But I never thought Light Switch Covers would be lucky to get the Steampunk Treatment.

These Switch plates can style up any kind of decor with its appealing metal finish. I somehow feel this is more of rhetro-futuristic design that brings together things from past to create modern stuff. Well, if you thought life was easy and you could find it at amazon or something, then you are WRONG. if you want one, create one, where the Steampunk Workshop will guide you through this.

These switch plates remind of the 3D Electric Switch Design that can add a dab of fun to your plain boring walls.

Via Coolest-Gadgets

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