Motherboard Bathroom Mirrors


Whoever thought geeks can’t be vain and admiring of their own looks! Most geeks spend hours together preening themselves in the mirror and dolling themselves up but they never had a geek mirror, but only till now. Designer Romolo Stanco of nonesiste design lab has created the Motherboard, which is a mirror that has a motherboard’s pattern laser etched inside it. The result is, the mirror is distorted by the motherboard pattern within the mirror but you would not be able to touch it physically.


Moreover, the mirror would give a distorted image of the viewer and the result would be a geeky self staring back from a Motherboard like mirror. Geekish souls would be in heavenly ecstasy when they see their own images in a Geekish mirror, in a sort of surreal and altered world. In fact, mirrors such as these play games with our minds and present a reality that is different from what we know. Perhaps it is also the image that the geek has always been wanting to see in the mirror.


The Motherboard is a mirror, which has been designed and manufactured in limited edition numbers for Edizioni Galleria Colombari. The mirrors come in rectangle, circle and square shapes to regale you aesthetically in your inner geek beauty. Mirrors for long have held the imagination of designers for they reveal the vanity of mankind. The Mirror USB Hub is another proof of vain geekhood and the Rubik’s Cube Mirror seems like the ultimate torture for someone who hates puzzles and also suffers from body dysmorphia, or an anxiety of going ugly.

Via: 3 Rings