NES Controller Mouse Design


If you were toying with the idea of a bizarre mouse, I am sure you would have thought of something gory or something funny. You would never have thought of the NES gamepad being redesigned as a mouse, so that you could not only play games but also help you navigate through your computer. Here is a foam model of an NES Gamepad Mouse which was recently found by one of the bloggers.

Though it is a brilliant and wonderful piece of art and also a great idea, it is still a foam model. If NES check this up and starts to see why this idea is getting so hugely popular, maybe they would decide to manufacture them! However, the NES Gamepad mouse would require a lot of technology in it as it should function as a Gamepad and also as a mouse at the same time. The two red buttons and the Gamepadesque look on the mouse is almost surreal and it just get into anyone’s heads that could possibly be manufactured.

Perhaps if all the great minds start to brainstorm, they may find a way to manufacture thing of beauty. NES Controller reminds one of the nostalgic memories one had as kids as that was when NES Gamepad was so big. As an ode to the D-pad, perhaps it is at least time to create a mouse that just looks like the D-pad but does not work as a controller. While you wait it for at least a decade, you could perhaps begin your own gaming design plan!

Via: Engadget