Darth Vader Alarm Clock


There is a new addition to the Star Wars gadgets and collectibles. After the inclusion of Darth Vader Wall Clock, geeks may want to have a personal Darth Vader Alarm clock too. With added AM/FM it can also metamorphose into a digital audio player with Vader’s head as a speaker. Darth Vader is perhaps living out a geekier role than the one he had in Star Wars Universe. Strangely, he does not appear so villainous after all!

The Star Wars villain came back as Darth Vader Bobble Head during Christmas. And now with this weird and funny alarm clock, there seems to be no let up from the onslaught of Darth Vader gadgets. In fact, one can create a mini Star Wars Universe with Darth Vader in all his geeky forms. Yes, he would be time telling and be a waking up machine in a less villainous form.

To wake up in a geeky style, do get the alarm clock with speakers for $30. The Darth Vader’s eyes will tell the time and his head will make eerie sounds.


Via Slippery Brick