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Delete Key Keyboard Street Art


What would you do when you get tired of staring at tasteless billboard adverts pasted all across the city, ruining the beauty? Replace them with geek art, of course. Ji Lee, a part of the New York Street Advertising Takeover has designed and installed Delete Key Billboard in place of an illegal and non-permitted ad. In fact, this arty billboard is just one of the 126 artworks, which have replaced illegal hoardings that defaced the Big Apple.

The idea perhaps is to show the ad industry that while it is easy to create ad campaigns by pasting billboards all across the town; it is equally infuriating and detrimental to the advertisers themselves, as no one really likes these ads in the first place. The replacement of ads with art can be seen as a healthy and aesthetic move, which would please the citizens of New York. Moreover, it would deter companies from pasting posters and erecting billboards in places where they are not permitted.

Looks like this art war will soon help clear of all the unwanted advertisements from the New York City area. The Delete button being transformed into art is a sign of people’s desire to delete all that is unaesthetic. Interestingly, we have seen other ‘Delete’ products like the Delete Key Pillow and also the weird Ctrl Alt Delete Gadget sometime ago.

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