34 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas any Mom Would Love as a Gift

Mother’s Day is arriving soon, and there is no better way to show you love your Mom as finding that one unique and beautiful gift that fits just right for her. Since every Mom is different in style and character, there isn’t one specific Mother’s Day gift that is perfect for all, so we have gathered the ultimate list of 34 Mother’s Day Gadgets, Designs, Concepts and other gift ideas that hopefully will be something your Mom would love…and there is no one better to know than you.

Some of these ideas are cool gadgets for the Mothers who are in touch with the hi tech and gadgets world, some are cooking concepts or product designs that may inspire you towards going a different way, and some are just concepts that may pave the way for you to find that perfect gift idea for your Mom during that one special day of the year. Because in the end…we have only one Mother, and we have to find a way to show her how special she is to us.

Since there are so many ideas, if you do not find one on the first page, make sure to check out the next, because you never know what would be the right gem for your Mom.

The Sleeptracker Watch

This great watch would be the ultimate gift for any Mother, for it studies your sleeping pattern, and based on a window of time you would like to wake at, rings at the most appropriate time. Thus providing you with a better waking state and a refreshing feeling.


Buy Now: $179.99

Microwave S’Mores Maker

Who doesn’t love S’mores? This great gadget is perfect for Moms to make S’mores the easy way and save the time and effort, so they can get some extra time just to themselves. Besides, any Mother loves giving something sweet to her children.


Buy Now: $8

Microwave S’mores

Doggy Light

A cool Dog shaped light for the dog lover. It may be just the perfect thing this Mother’s day to put a smile on her face after a long day of cleaning up after you.


Dog Lamp

3D Pacman Oven Mitts

An actual available Kitchen gadget in the shape, color and fun of the beloved Mr. Pacman. For the Moms who are familiar with this old school character and are looking for some extra color in their kitchen, this gift is a perfect item.


Buy Now: $15

Pacman Oven Mitts

Glowing Bed Pillow Alarm Clock

The glowing bed pillow is a unique alarm clock that hopes to find another way to wake you up refreshed…without all the ruckus. Using 40 separate LEDs, it gradually becomes brighter and brighter, so you gradually and softly wake up rested and refreshed.


Glowing Bed Pillow


In case the Mother in question is actually expecting and has already began to follow Oprah’s Twitter, then you can tell her that babies can tweet also. The new KickBee concept allows the unborn baby’s movements to be transmitted to digital networks such as Twitter.


Baby Twitter

KickTrak Gadget

The KickTrak is a baby monitoring device to keep updated with the progress of the baby’s kicks and movements. It allows an easy way to sense the movements and also keeps a History of the progress throughout the months, which in addition helps monitor the baby’s health.


Buy Now: $24

KickTrak Baby Gadget

Digital Refrigerator Notepad

This cool Mother’s Day gadget allows for an easy way to write notes to your loved ones in the home. Besides easily mounted on your refrigerator, it consists of a digital frame to present your favorite images and also a possibility to record messages..in case writing what you need down simply won’t do the trick.


Digital Notepad

Silence Alarm Clock

The silent alarm clock is a great concept which hopes to wake you up without the noise and disturbance. This cool concept is utilized by a vibrating alarm clock ring worn by you when you climb into bed and vibrates when the alarm goes off. This could be perfect gift for Moms, for they work overtime anyways and would appreciate to wake up without any alarm clock shouting in their ears and just some silence.


Vibrating Alarm Clock

Tetris Furniture Design

Bring your Mother in the gaming life and let her see the goodness in gaming design. The Tetris design has been etched in our own minds for so long, why not bring into the home, so she could see it as colorful yet practical and modern furniture designs.


Tetris Furniture

Bird Light

If your Mom is a modern woman, then more than likely she will like to design her own home, and will probably begin with her living room. This Bird light design may be just the delicate thing to get her started and may also help her forget the whole designing craze, so you could rest a little yourself.


Bird Lamp

Asus AiGuru SkypePhone

This could be the perfect Mother’s Day Gadget for your Mom to keep in touch with her children, grandchildren and friends using Skype. The Asus AiGuru S1 is a video Skype Phone that makes it easy for video and voice calls for all those who are signed up on chat. You do know that you would need to explain how it is used, or it will be wasted like in the movie Mother.


Buy Now: $267

Asus Skype Phone

Teddy Speakers

These cute speakers may be a gift that warms your Mother’s heart. Hidden speakers are included inside a simple, yet flashy teddy bear, so instead of getting just a regular teddy bear, she would be able to hold one and listen to music simultaneously.


Teddy Bear Speakers

Amazon Kindle

Instead of getting your Mom one single book for Mother’s Day, get her the new wireless Amazon Kindle 2, so she could continually progress and read more and more. The new version has more storage, better contrast, text to speech technology and more features to make her reading time both innovative and pleasurable.


Buy Kindle 3G Wireless E-Reader: $190

Kindle E Reader

Bird Chirp Doorbell

How happy would your Mom be to hear bird chirps every time someone rings the doorbell? When visitors arrive, she would granted with beautiful bird chirps, and when door bell ditchers do their deed…she wouldn’t be annoyed.


Buy Now: $11

Bird Doorbell

Colorful Mood Lamp

A cute and musical art lamp that reacts to the tunes that surround it. Get it as a goft for your Mother for the celebration, so as she changes the music in her home or office, the lamp reacts and adapts to the mood.


Buy Now: $37-40

Mood Lamp

Hand Signs Gadget

A great gadgets for Mother Drivers, which lets different hand signs (including the middle finger) to be presented using a mini remote control. This could be the simple way for a Mother to wave bye to their child when dropping them off at Softball practice, or a way to show the road rage when being cut off by a crazy driving teenager.


Buy Now: $40

Hand Signal Gadget

Coffee Mug with Digital Frame

This Coffee Mug is definitely something that Mothers could appreciate; it is like the gift that keeps on giving. It is a Mug with a built in Digital Frame, so as she takes her coffee or tea with her to work, travel or to a neighbor, she never has to be away from her loved ones.


Buy Now: $35

Digital Picture Frame Mug

Keyboard Fashion Bags

If your Mom has a little bit of geek to her, than these bags may be the fashion statement she is looking for. The computer keyboard bags are simple and practical hand bags which are built with all the keyboard keys surrounding it, making sure your Mom can type no matter where she is at.


Keyboard Bag

LED Tops

Some Moms are young and some are…well, not young. Either or, they always try to find the perfect fashion accessory to make them stand out. These LED fashion tops may be just the perfect clothing ift for Moms who want to make sure and grab some extra attention…especially when the lights are out.


LED Clothing

Leaf Speakers Key Rings

A cool keychain accessory that is also great looking, shaped like a green leaf and also a portable music speaker. It has a 3.5″ jack to connect to an MP3 player, but remember that it is miniature and is not mean to bring down the neighborhood. Even though, that probably wouldn’t be what your Mother would use these for.


Leaf Speakers

Interactive Emotional Pillow

A concept created by MIT Ambient Media, this bed pillow is an interactive pillow that shows emotions. It could be just the right way to show your Mother how much you love her by a simple item that smiles when it is what is most needed.


Interactive Pillow

Book Light Night Lamp

At the end of a long day, sometimes Mom simply want to rest, relax and read a good book, so this concept is a great idea. The Book lamp is both a practical book shelf to store the current novels being read and also a convenient night light. Oh yeah, it would also allow her to bring a new and elegant design to her bedroom.


Book Shelf Night Lamp

Picture Phone Concept

An easy way to make phone calls to your loved ones if you are unfamiliar with speed dial or would rather press favorite pictures. This concept provides large picture buttons instead of speed dial numbers for Mothers to make phone calls to their children, grandchildren and the rest of their friends.


Picture Phone

JVC Sound Garden Speaker Design

This JVC Speaker concept brings outdoor speakers with a garden scent and feel. It is a wonderful way for the Moms who just love their garden to both listen to their favorite music while at their garden and also have an additional tiny garden within the speaker base.


Soundgarden Speakers

Animated Emotions for Drivers

This great gadget is cool for the Mothers who drive their children to school soccer practice and all the meetings that Mothers must go to. It is an animated LED gadget that allows you to display your mood to other drivers with just the press of a button. Since Moms are sometimes so stressed from being overworked, I personally would like to know how the person in the other car is feeling, so I can keep my distance.


Buy Now: $35

LED Animated Emotions

Breakfast In Bed Alarm

Most Moms would dream to really have breakfast in bed. What with all the chores, errands, children and things that need to be done, what Mother could even dream of eating before her kingdom?

This great Breakfast concept is just what Moms would wish for this Mother’s Day. It is an alarm clock that makes you a light breakfast right before you wake up…what a dream come true (but not yet…it is a concept).


Breakfast Alarm Clock

Musical Kettle

If you have to wake up, then why not wake up with a little music? The musical kettle is a great way to boil the water for that first fresh cup of hot coffee that is accompanied with a few whistling tunes from our kettle friend.


Music Kettle

Watermelon Fashion Bag

Besides always wanting more and more shoes, women love bags. And with the Summer season just around the corner, these watermelon shaped and colored bags may be the perfect item for her to take with her on her daily shopping spree.


Watermelon Bags

Portable Coffee Maker

Whether your Mom works at home or in the office, this portable coffee maker will provide her with fresh hot coffee quickly and easily. It doesn’t have all the impractical bells and whistles people pay a high price for and uses just ground coffee to give that fresh cup anytime she wishes for it. It could go great in the kitchen or even in her own private office space.


Desktop Coffee

Buy Now: £19.99

Elephant Light

You can always send your Mother to a Safari trip for Mother’s Day, or if you want to save some money…get her the Elephant shaped lamp isntead. It may not be as natural as the real thing, but it is still a cute, practical and convenient lamp to add some extra animal instincts in her study.


Elephant Lamp

Lazy Stirring Mug

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and, before the day begins, need that first cup of coffee really fast. It could be that you could get the cup started, adding the coffee, water, sugar and milk, but simply forget to stir. This is what this stirring mug can do for you…stir. On the other hand, it could also be the ultimate lazy gadget, for those who simply can’t finish the job. Still, give our Moms a break…they are so overworked, they could simply of forgotten to stir.


Buy Now: $15

Auto Stirring Coffee Mug

Lp to MP3 Converter

I am sure that many still have their record collection at home, which some of us may see as a waste of space when MP3 players are available for so cheap. This cool music gadget could really make Mother’s Day special by allowing you to convert ALL of your Mother’s collection to MP3 easily and bring her into the new and technological era.


Buy Now: $150

LP MP3 Converter

Stun Gun Gadget

You may worry about your Mom when she is not around, so a Stun Gun may be the right security measure to take as a gift this Mother’s Day. Just make sure to teach her how to use it, so she doesn’t accidentally use it against herself.


Stun Gun