Matryoshka Dolls Computer Memory Measurements


Computers and Internet have come to rule our lives and now they are indispensable. There isn’t a way we can even imagine life without computers. All the data that we store in our computers would amount to indescribable and unimaginable amounts of analogue data.

However, computer has made it possible within our mind frame to imagine huge amounts of data and also store them in virtual space or in hard disk. The data however begins at bits and goes on to Brontobytes and Geopbytes. Here is a collection of smaller computer data “weights” right from bits to terabytes.

The analogue weights look quite similar to the weights that people use to measure more tangible goods. However, even tangible goods are measured in a digital manner and hence, the old-fashioned “weights” somehow lose their relevance. The idea behind these weights seem to be the Matryoshka Dolls of Russia which contain within them several smaller dolls. When each one is removed, a smaller doll could be found inside.

The unique concept of analogue computer scales, Russian dolls and Matryoshka concepts have been uniquely blended in this design. The analogue “Computer Memory Scales” come in Bits, Bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes and Terabytes. It is not known where these “weights” could be bought and how much they may cost. Nevertheless, they look pretty cool and it should be nice to have them in your house, so that you can prove what a nerd you are.

Via: My Confined Space