Magnetic Balls Building Spheres


Well if you thought Magnetic Rubik’s Cube was a cool geeky toy to play with, here comes a geekier toy to kill your boredom in office or at home. BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres are rare earth magnetic spheres for creating cool shapes and even magnetic art.

As a kid we all have played with magnets. But in modern geeky times magnetic property has been put to use by toy and entertainment industry in innovative ways. BuckyBalls Magnetic Spheres is the most artistic and entertaining toy.


One can make simple structures or real complicated ones with these magnetic balls. In fact you could even make intricate jewelery or sculptures. Just let your fingers and imagination play with these Bucky Balls and create magical shapes. These simple magnetic spheres are truly magnetic, they’ll keep you glued at office and home.

Magnetic Bucky Balls come in a set of 216 balls. Each ball is just 0.125” in dimension, so this geeky one comes with an age warning and is only $24.99 at