Pierced Glasses for the Goth Geek


There is a sub culture in the society that believes in inflicting pain upon oneself. This sado-masochistic group goes by many names in different countries and communities and hence remains elusive. If you belong to such a group or a group similar to the sado-masochistic groups, you would love the Pierced Eyeglasses that would make you the most Goth person ever.

These glasses are worn through piercing in your nose ridge, which holds the rim and the glasses. Funnily, you would not need any ears to wear these glasses or to support them.

This reminds me of Vincent Van Gogh who is rumored to have chopped off his ear and given the bloody mess to a woman in a fit of madness. This idea is now being refuted and apparently, it was a friend who chopped off his ear in a fit of rage. Either way, he wouldn’t have had an ear to wear glasses, and thus would be quite sado-masochistic.

The Pierced Eyeglasses are thus created for such cool people who manage to get their ears chopped off, or chop it off themselves. If you are one such person without ears and are also blind as a bat, I suggest you get these Pierced Glasses which would make you look less Goth and more stupid. If you are not, contact lenses and laser surgeries are better options.

Via: Geekologie