Pierced Glasses for the Goth Geek


There is a sub culture in the society that believes in inflicting pain upon oneself. This sado-masochistic group goes by many names in different countries and communities and hence remains elusive. If you belong to such a group or a group similar to the sado-masochistic groups, you would love the Pierced Eyeglasses that would make you the most Goth person ever.

These glasses are worn through piercing in your nose ridge, which holds the rim and the glasses. Funnily, you would not need any ears to wear these glasses or to support them.

This reminds me of Vincent Van Gogh who is rumored to have chopped off his ear and given the bloody mess to a woman in a fit of madness. This idea is now being refuted and apparently, it was a friend who chopped off his ear in a fit of rage. Either way, he wouldn’t have had an ear to wear glasses, and thus would be quite sado-masochistic.

The Pierced Eyeglasses are thus created for such cool people who manage to get their ears chopped off, or chop it off themselves. If you are one such person without ears and are also blind as a bat, I suggest you get these Pierced Glasses which would make you look less Goth and more stupid. If you are not, contact lenses and laser surgeries are better options.

Via: Geekologie

7 thoughts on “Pierced Glasses for the Goth Geek

  1. Laurel.

    James is right–goth does not equal liking to inflict pain on oneself. Not all goths have piercings or tatoos. Some choose to only have one or the other, some have both, and some have neither. And who says goths can’t wear regular glasses or contacts anyway? The earth magnets holding the lenses seem like a cool idea, though–no more frames digging into the side of your head that way!

    Oh, and goths aren’t the only people who sometimes revel in piercings or tatoos–punks commonly have them too. But then, so do a lot of mainstream people as well.

  2. Darkcyde.

    Yes, these glasses use a bridge piercing. the lenses are actually held in place with rare earth magnets so you can remove the lenses but not the piercing itself. And on a side note, i wear glasses and also have a bridge piercing, this seems like a much better idea to me than lasik laser eye surgery… no competition, ill take a piercing over lasers in my eyes any day.

  3. Jai Post author.

    Hey Postergal, I am almost blind as a bat but I wear contact lens.. I would still wear the lens and not these goth Glasses.. I think it comes with screws that you can unscrew before taking a bath or before sleepin

  4. Postergal.

    So painful! Does it stay when one is taking a bath or sleeping? Good thing I have good eyesight. Even if I have defective eyesight, I would not wear it.


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