Cool Star Trek Gadgets and Toys Calling All Trekkies


Now that the new Star Trek movie is out with a bang, we are calling all Trekkies to gather around for a few cool Star Trek gadgets and toys that may make them stir a little away from the big screen.

Star Trek Clock


For the major fans, I want to see if you can name each of the twelve vintage starships from the popular Star Trek movies and series. The clock is a great collectible to put in a Geek’s room, hand on the wall, and stare with enhanced inspiration.

Star Trek Communicator

This handy Star Trek communicator may not bring you closer to Captain Kirk, but it will surely make acting out your daily part right. You can be a true Trekkie with the most important bells and whistles and walk around proud of your loyalty to the Starship Enterprise.

It is available at ThinkGeek for only $29.99.


Star Trek Phaser

Along with the Star Trek communicator, the Phaser is the second part of making you a true part of the infamous Star Trek Team. You will be armed with power, geekiness and true belief allowing you to boldly go where every Trekkie has dreamed of.

Starship Enterprise DIY


You may not have the money or time to scout for the best Starship Enterprise replicas, so this diy project makes it easy and efficient. Using only office supplies found around your desk, office and home, any Geeky Star Trek fan could bring an Enterprise model to life.

Star Trek Spock Sackboy


If some of the Trekkies reading this are also geeky gamers, then the Sackboy Spock is a true and heart warming tribute. The popular Spock gets a visit as a cute crochet doll which is combined with the PS3 Sackboy character. It may not be true to Spock’s nature to smile, but it is a step in the right direction, so you could have even more time with your favorite Star Trek movie characters.

Star Trek Funeral Gadgets


Not all Star Trek Gadgets bring¬† a smile to a Trekkie’s face, but honor is most important. As much as we wish all Enterprise captains could live forever, they are mortals, so such funeral gadgets really make a lot of sense. They grant Star Trek team members with an honorable, beautiful and respectable means of burial.

Star Trek The Next Generation Theater


When you are going through marathons, re-runs, and competitive Star Trek movies and shows extravaganza, wouldn’t it be much better on your Star Trek home theater? One major fan has recreated the Star Trek the Next Generation set as his home theater, so he really feels like a major Enterprise captain in his own ship…I mean home.