Funny Swine Flu Surgical Masks Designs


The Swine Flu is still the talk of the town, and the U.S is taking extra precautions against the scare. Although not necessarily a complete protection against the flu, here are some more Swine Flu surgical masks designs that could at least put a small smile on your face in such a time.

Created by Irina Blok, these surgical mask designs for the Swine Flu are a little more on the humorous side and make us wonder whether the Health administrations would really adapt such designs to make an extra buck. On the other hand, some may like the new trend, for it allows them to face the fear head on with a little comic relief.


I could see individuals facing the Swine Flu in New York and going to school with their own designer surgical masks, others in different states will show their denial of the flu by wearing it at shopping malls, and some may actually place marketing ads to make an extra buck*.

Overall, these are probably not meant to make fun of the Swine Flu situation but adapt to it and still be able to keep a smile on your face…even though it will be well hidden behind that mask. The masks are available through Irina for $10 each.


*I have just came up with that idea…place Advertising on designer surgical masks for the Swine Flu…more publicity with the scare.