Model Train Briefcase Design


They say habits die hard, and the child within rarely ever grows up to be even an adolescent. Thus, with business suits and expensive watches, we still carry childish pursuits, which we keep from others, a secret. One such secret could be the hobby of engaging oneself with train sets.

If you have a highflying job, which comes with a cool cabin, but you are shy of carrying train sets in a childish or “non-business” case, you would perhaps like the Blumenau model train set. It comes encased in an expensive looking briefcase and people could easily mistake it to be a suitcase containing classified business and company documents over which you would pore in your cabin. Only, no one would guess that you would actually playing and arranging the model train set in secrecy.


It comes with amazing mountain overpasses and a tunnel system, which makes the model train set as authentic as possible. The Blumenau comes with two carriages, a 9-volt battery holder and a throttle controller. All these goodies come encased in a key locking briefcase and you would not be able to get enough of this cool hobby and pastime.

The Blumenau costs $1,500 and easily is one of the best gifts you ca buy for yourself or even the cute executive you have a crush on in the office. Of course, it would be one of the most expensive gifts ever! Here is another funny office gadget, which could add some excitement into your boring workspace called The Super Mario Kart. The gadget has been constructed using office supplies, and I am sure it is a better way to spend time than attending to boring telephone calls.


Via: Coated