Ctrl Alt Delete Soap Removes Geek Stench


It is always difficult to find gifts for geeky friends, especially if you are one of the non-geeky types and don’t wish to gift gadgets and other geeky stuff. The Ctrl Alt Delete Soap pack can be an excellent gift concept. Geeks will love this geeky stylish fun soap pack and you can also subtly remind them that basic essentials for survivals are not gadgets and games.

If one has to choose any three magic keys for geeks struggling with hung screen and PC it has to be Ctrl Alt Delete for rebooting. At one point PC simply revolts and demands rebooting. Human body too revolts similarly and often a good bath does help reboot ourselves especially after long screen-staring and complicated long gaming sessions.  The set of three soaps with tropical mango fragrance will cost you just $6.50. If you have a lazy geek friend who doesn’t take bath breaks gifting this soap will give you a great kick too!

This is not first of the geeky soaps; recently there have been varieties of them starting from iPhone Soap which can be used to remind yourself that you are a stylish geek. The Beer Soap is an interesting bathing bar that would allow beer bellied drunkards to get their favorite drink to the bathroom. Nevertheless, Ctrl Alt Delete implying reboot is indeed a nice geeky name for soap.

Via: Geeky Gadgets