Clock Clock Concept Questions Ideas about Time, Space and Wholeness


You might have come across thousands of types of clocks, each claiming to be more perfect than the other. In fact, telling time and devices which help in doing so depend on precision and thus horological devices have always been treasured for centuries for their efficiency. What would you do if a clock design is inherently and deliberately imperfect, yet hold all the perfection within itself? This is what you would get in the “Clock Clock” which is a clock that contains many clocks within itself.

If one clock were to be disarranged, the whole action of telling time would go haywire. Designed by Swedish designers called as “Humans since 1982”, the clock will be exhibited at the Rhösska Design Museum in Göteborg from June to August. It puts together 24 analog clocks and 48 hands which are electronically controlled. In order to tell time, you would need to look at all the watches simultaneously. If one of the clocks were to be misplaced or disarranged, your time would just not be within the realms of known time!

It almost looks surreal to me and the design may carry philosophical connotations such as time and space being irrelevant until we can see the “whole picture”. In fact, the idea seems to have been taken from Gestalt psychology’s theme “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Only when you look at the whole set of 24 clocks would you be able to tell the accurate time! Here is another interesting and minimalist Watch without a Face. The Pong Game Clock is an interesting concept, which lets you play, well pong!

Via: The Design Blog