Trypticon USB Laser Mouse Gadget


This Trypticon USB laser mouse is some cool gadget that combines computer gadgets with the awesome new transformers.

The new Transformer laser mouse shapeshifts into a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which must make geeks and others excited with delight. It is scheduled to be launched in September 2009 at a price of $60 and is a current mouse gadget in the Transformers series after the Ravage Transformers USB Flash Drive we just saw.

This mouse is compatible with the latest operating systems from Windows to Mac, accessible by USB and built with 800 dpi…making it very practical as well.

Personally I’d prefer to own all three modes of this Micro-Beast, but it is definitely a worthwhile collectible for any Transformers fan to own a first generation Transformer gadget of everyday use.

Via: GadgetLite