Darth Vader Talking Plush Toy is a Cute Sith Lord

darth-vader-plushA Star Wars plush toy can be fun and is and ideally suited company for whiling away time. But can having a dark side to the toy be intriguing?

The talking Darth Vader plush lets out the dark side by voicing ruthless phrases when operated, just like the character does in Star Wars. These foreboding features are packaged to look like a stunted adaptation of the Darth Vader and fail to impart the fear that the character does.

The talking plush is supposed to be a softer looking version of the Darth Vader, which makes one wonder what purpose would it serve for Darth Vader to be any less antagonistic or look cuddlier? Perhaps the only purpose would be to try and assert terror on behalf of those who cannot do so by themselves.

Via: Nerd Approved