New Terminator Salvation collection for the Movie’s Release

The new Terminator Salvation was just released, so we were able to gather together a few great Terminator gadgets,
designs and fun stuff for all the Terminator fans out there.

Terminator Salvation Motorcycle


Here you can find some great concepts and designs of the Terminator Motorcycle seen in the new movie release. They are very well presented and make me want to see the movie even more.


Terminator Gadgets


This is a cool list of Terminator gadgets including a shooting Terminator arm, a glowing and voice changing Terminator head and also cool metal-like straps, so you could Terminate yourself and make you look like a slightly
beat up Terminator.


Terminator Shoot Up


A cool design of a shoot up poster including many villains from movies, games and more, which includes the
Terminator model which continues to plague us from the future…hoping for humankind’s demise.


Terminator Bear


Made as a cool toy, this is a Terminator Bearbrick that look as menacing as the T-800 model we are so familiar with.
It could be a great collectible item for fans and also be a cool way to scare children.


Terminator Bicycle


An amazing art masterpiece that combines a skeleton and a bicycle. The skeleton looks too similar to the body of the
Terminator model to be just a coincedence, but it probably won’t be fast enough to save the world.


Terminator T-800 Replica


If you are a major Terminator movies fan, then this is a cool life-sized moved of the T-800 Terminator model you
know from the first two original films. It looks so real and scary, it could be used to keep intruders out by just
placing it right by your window looking out of for the enemies outside.


Terminator Lego


The Terminator logo remake is part of a few popular movies that were made with Lego bricks. In this particular
version, we see the bad-ass Arnold version from the first Terminator movie.


Terminator Elvis


A Robotic diy project which combined the Terminator head look with an Elvis look. It may not have been done on
purpose but the resemblance is striking…don’t you think? Besides, I am sure many would love to King to come back
to life, even if it means he has returned to erase mankind.


Terminator Suit

Yes, the Terminator is made of Endoskeleton, but this real Exoskeleton suit kind of gives a human the power of the
Terminator. It is an army-sponsored suit to give more power and ability to a regular soldier.