New Terminator Fuel Cell Lighter


One of the few movies being anxiously exciting for many is Terminator Salvation and until it is released all over the world, the Terminator fans can keep themselves busy with several gadgets being released tagged with the new movie.

We have already talked about the Terminator Salvation Collection launched for promoting the movie’s release, the Terminator fuel-cell lighter is being added to the list.  The fuel-cell lighter is compact and made to look just like the fuel cell in the movie, made up of chrome plating and diecast metal it measures 3.5 inches and comes packed in a Terminator Salvation collector’s box, ideal for every Terminator fan.

A Nuclear fuel-cell embedded in the heart of the Terminator is what makes them the perfect killing machines. The metallic look of the fuel-cell lighter gives it the edge in making it look a part of the complete movie package. A perfect $17.99 worth addition to every fan of the Terminator.

Via: Techchee