Bar Code IP Black Version LED Watch


Well days of analog and digital watches are becoming passé and New generation wristwatch design have LEDs and bar codes to tell the time.  Bar Code IP Black Version LED watch from Tokyo, Japan with white LEDs inside is truly stunning. This one is truly for the stylish geeks.

Who says only scope of variation in watches is in dial shapes, straps and analog and digital versions? Bar Code is entirely new version of time keeping. Here there are different columns for hours, minutes. The moment you press a key the watch comes alive with various LEDs in columns lighting up and you just have to decipher the number of lit-up LEDs in different columns and tell the time. There cannot be more geeky watches then these new BarCode LED watches.

The black body embedded with white LEDs will surely make heads turn. The watch comes alive intermittently for few minutes, with the time span varying during the day and night. Also one can set various modes like regular digital watches to know date, week and month. For a change instead of dial LEDs will lit up to tell you exact time of the day. Priced at $225.29 at Tokyo Flash, this watch is a must have for all geeks who want to be different from the rest.