Fruity Juicy USB Hubs for Geeks


We have seen a number of USB hubs that come in different shapes and sizes; However its rather boring to use the same old predictable designs when one could be using something more innovative and fanciful. Brando has just unveiled some cool USB hubs that come in fruity and juicy shapes.

If you fancy grapes, you could get yourself a USB hub that looks like a juicy bunch of grapes, but I wonder why they are not rosy enough to remind you of the forbidden fruits of the garden of Eden. Nevertheless, the design certainly evokes feelings of hunger and craving for fruits.

It supports USB v 2.0 and is made of Polyresin. When you are going to use this, all you would need to do is plug and play. At just 240 grams, it would be a light USB hub that not only is a fanciful design but also brings all your USB devices at one single juicy place.

If you don’t really care for grapes and prefer something else, Brando has other choices like the Strawberry Cake design, Cherry Biscuit design and even just plain sinful chocolate. Whatever you crave for, these USB hubs in various mouth watering shapes would add a little freshness to your otherwise boring desk. These fruity and sweet USB devices cost $17 each. We had similarly written about the cool Sea shell USB Hub which might interest you.