New Era Pacman Cap is a bit of Gamer’s Heaven


When Namco created Pacman, which was considered to be the one of the classics of the medium, and an icon of 1980s popular culture, they would not have even thought in his wildest dream that Japanese Cap store on sportz would bring back the Memories by a Pacman cap in this New era.

If you want to look cool, funky and stand out the crowd then you can always look  for the option of adorning your head with Pacman cap than boring brands available across.

The Merchandise is completely inspired by the derivatives of Pacman arcade game. These caps are exclusively available in the On sportz stores and available with Digitalized Pacman or Cherry embroidered on the front of Pacman Logo embroidered on the yellow under the brim.

The Cap has the funkiest look of daredevils with a great combo of Black and yellow, the back embroidered ghost characters from the Pacman game. If you really follow Pacman on or off the game then there is more to read about it.