Tetris Pots for the Green Minded Geeks


Adding some green friends in your living room wouldn’t be a bad idea, especially if hey call pots their home. While it has been much loved and cherished by those who are interested in interior decor, having green plants and even cacti in your living space has been found to calm nerves and make your living space seem prettier.

However, if you are a geek from the days of Tetris, you might like French product designer Stephanie Choplin’s design of Tetris Pots. These pots were designed by her while she was studying a the Estonian Academy of Arts and unfortunately the final result was not actually great.

However, the 3D pictures still look great and if there is a good budget for the project, you might as well be able to buy ceramic pots that look like Tetris blocks. Since the Tetris Pot design did not kick off as was intended, she decided to still go ahead with the idea of designing stylish containers for the betterment of interiors. She tweaked the design and form of a traditional cup and created colorful cups that strangely look akin to Tetris, perhaps because of the bright colors.

She seems to suggest through her pictures that these tweaked cups ca be used in kitchen for serving tea, coffee, and even juice perhaps! However, I am more impressed with the Tetris Pots which simply blow my mind.  You could also check other ‘homely’ Tetris block based designs like the Tetris Furniture. You could also invite your friends home for dinner and serve them food using Tetris Dinnerware.

Via: Kick Style