Fearless Cooking with Cute Smoke Alarm


People say its right time to buy new house and I say its right time to invest in right place and live peacefully. Charity begins at home and precaution is always better than prevention, then how can someone not think of keeping all house mates safe by buying a Smoke Alarm and cook your favorite chicken steaks and beef fry in ease.

The cute Orange device with XBee Chip and elongated one of the side like a limb to press when required, and the Smoke Alarm can be adhered to fridge when not in use by its magnet.

Now don’t be dumb like me to think that this smoke alarm silencer would function even when you are cooking your food for guest at home and they squeals and run away for rescue.

Designer Beth Fuller was intelligent enough to introduce such device which has XBee chip and communicates wirelessly the smoke detector. When smoke alarm is on, the alarm is disabled, when food is done the alarm is back on duty.

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Via: Switched