Ninja Shuriken USB Drive for Geeks


All those would-be Ninja computer nerds who find fancy computer gadgets to their liking and love ninjas would welcome this USB drive which is a cool look alike of a Ninja shuriken.

A shiny, edgy USB with 2 GB memory, that just about fits into your jeans pocket, and can be used to play when you have your ninja rehearsal ‘attacks’, definitely is a unique USB gadget. It can never be mistaken for anyone else’s since most USB flash drives are lookalikes. It is also compatible with all the latest operating systems.

Definitely a cool and useful gadget to have like the Ninja Stars pushpin, which is priced at $100 in Japan.  Though it is not a real Shuriken, it has sharp edges which gives it a complete steely appearance of the Ninja’s hidden sword, kind of like the

Via: Geekstuff4u Via: Crunchgear