A Cruiser Cooler for the Impending Meltdown


Everyone is gearing up for global warming, and you may be as well thought about how to beat global warming yet, here is one more option you can look at..a cruiser cooler, your very own freezer which scoots around like a small speedy bike.

Priced at $400 at Stupididiotic, this cooler on wheels can be used for transport as well. So if you need your beer wherever you go, you know what to go around in, your very own cruiser! What’s more, its comes with several additional accessories and is eco-friendly with an electric motor.

This cruiser cooler definitely serves several purposes: it can double up as your kids scooter while you can take and your daily share of frozen foods and diet drinks around at the same time. It beats global warming, and is all in all a fun gadget to own.