Tokyoflash 12-5-9 Q LED watch


At what age did we all learn to tell time? I am sure it was a long time ago. Well, its time to learn again with this amazing watch design. If you are a gizmo freak and are crazy about strangely designed watches, then the Tokyoflash 12-5-9 Q version LED watch would make a perfect addition to the collection.

Following a crash course in reading these watches which contain 5 LED lines making the dial look like a colorful starfish, the first two lines correspond to 1-12 hours, the third line corresponds to 50 minutes, 10 minutes indicated by each flashing LED, and the last two lines indicate 1-9 minutes, one soon realizes the irony of it being a new-age watch.

In general, people tend to only look at their watch in a hurry and only to tell time, not to play a game of how long it takes to tell time. Be advised, only to use these watches after practicing and mastering the art of telling time within 15 secs. Yeah it looks great, for a wrist band, but can only satisfy an eccentric collector’s craving for peculiar watches.

Via: Tokyoflash