What is Google Wave: an Introduction by Google


Google wave was just announced by Google as the ongoing project for full collaboration with friends within one single platform. If it will actually go through successfully, it will provide a true one stop place for all to get together without ever having to leave Google.

Google is really remaining true to their innovative and growing aspirations with new additions and products continually being released. From Google Chrome, adding video and voice to Gtalk, great Gmail labs features, Google Android and more, they seem to be coming up with some great tools to keep allow us to mash our life on the net in a productive and fun way.


So what is this new Google Wave? Well, based on their one liner explanation: “Google Wave is a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, [which is] coming later this year”.

It is a platform for conversation and documentation; individuals are able to both communicate with each other and have an efficient workplace using tools such as rich formatted text, images, videos, maps, and more cool options.


This new Google Wave can be shared with others, so all those participating can communicate while the conversation is going, edit content and add additional team players. Moreover, there is a Rewind feature, so you could go back and read, hear and play the conversation as to keep on top of the tasks at hand.


One of the greatest things is that Google Wave is a live platform, so it doesn’t slow down the conversation and grants a real-time platform.


The official video goes in depth about this amazing future release of the open source powerhouse and I couldn’t do better than just introducing the full length feature for you to get the nust and bolts.

If you want to be notified when it is first released and other news, you can do an early sign up. Other wise, check Google Wave’s official site and also watch their video below.