CombiMouse: Fusion of Keyboard and Mouse?


If a  fusion of a Keyboard and Mouse truly possible, then the CombiMouse seems to be just that great combo – a new mixed gadget of computer keyboard and Mouse. Curious geeks will certainly love to get one of these. But skeptic ones will still prefer their good old QWERTY keyboard and separate mouse.

CombiMouse seems to be an interesting design. They have actually split the keyboard into two. The QWERTY part on the left is the keyboard part and the right side of the keyboard can double up as keyboard as well as mouse. There is a grip sensor. So if right side is gripped like a mouse, some keys function like mouse buttons. So essentially right part of the split keyboard is the fusion part.

This design seems to have not hit the market yet. In the era of laptops, iBooks such keyboard, mouse innovation is indeed good news for good old desktops fans. They can take a break from old boring keyboards and boast of new geeky stylish CombiMouse. They can try other weird Cat Fur decorated Keyboard and Scrabble Computer Keyboard too. But CombiMouse is definitely more geeky.

Via HardwareSphere Via: SlipperyBrick