Egyptian Case Mod is Fit for a Pharoah


Chris Kramer decided to do something different during summer holidays and what he ended up was building an Egyptian themed computer mod. He used some really specialized jewelry metal working, lapidary skills which involve gemstone cutting and polishing, stone working, several dozen pounds of limestone tiles and a stuffed dog in order to create an authentic Egyptian themed case mod that transports us back to the days of pharaohs and hieroglyphics.

The idea was not to create something highly technical but something that is artistic and drool worthy, and hence the only geek components that went into the project were some components and a computer system board. He recreated partially the Tutankhamen chariot scene and in order to get some authentic hieroglyphic text, he used several passages from E. A. Wallis Budge’s “The Egyptian book of the Dead”.

With some amazing LED lights, jewelry, Egyptian art and painting, the case looks almost like Queen Cleopatra’s armoire and the computer that sits within it is almost a juxtaposition of cultures. The stuffed dog sits regally over the case as if it is guarding a new kind tomb.

He used an i945GTm-VHL Core Solo/Duo 479 ATX Motherboard, a low-power Mobile Intel Core Solo or Core Duo socket 479 CPU, two 1GB DDR2 SO-DIMM memory modules, and runs on Windows XP Media Center Edition. His case mod would make your gaming computer fit enough for a pharaoh to play if he were to be brought back to life from the ancient tombs of Egypt, in the burning deserts of a mysterious and magical land. If you are not interested in glorious histories and cultures, you could indulge in base
thoughts by checking out the French Maid Case Mod.