Beanzawave is a Mini Microwave Oven for Office Desks!


Geeks and workaholics are going to love this world’s smallest microwave oven.  Beanzawave microwave oven simply fits on office desk and cooks food while you work. Interesting part is it’s powered by USB port. So geeks will not have skip meals or depend on coffee and chocolate vending machines. They can fix a quick healthy meal right on their office desk.

Beanzawave microwave oven is still a prototype design. But once it enters retail market it’ll surely be in huge demand.  A portable microwave oven is indeed a dream come true for gadget savvy modern working people and students. Cooking up something will be as easy as taking out a printout. Beanzawave operates on lithium batteries; one can take it along for small outings too.  This portable microwave is expected to cost only $160. Hope manufacturers turn this design into reality and it becomes an easy available gadget soon.

One can also add Desktop Coffee-Maker to your desk and one trendy Microwave S’mores gadget too to have all the good food, coffee and fun while working.

Via Coated Via GeekAlerts Via GeekyGadgets