Digital Electric Motorcycle Gets even More Hi-Tech


A hi-tech gadget combined with the world’s first digital superbike makes an unbeatable combination. The MotoCzysz E1pc has the iPhone, placed like a jewel in the crown, as a center piece.

Surprisingly, this electric motorcycle is quite rev-happy and lets you pull out a few stops to the tacho, and leaves no traces of carbon, considering its electric nature.  Be a mean green rider, on this new-age digital superbike, which zooms up to 120 mph in just a few seconds.

Increasing the speed of electric bikes has always been a major challenge in this field with this much needed, up coming technology. In light of that fact, the MotoCzysz E1pc seems to have it covered it all, especially cashing in on style by showcasing the iphone on the dashboard, which completes it aesthetically.

Via: Newlaunches

6 thoughts on “Digital Electric Motorcycle Gets even More Hi-Tech

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  3. Anonymous.

    …. depending if the country you’re riding on is stupid enough to produce electricity from coal, oil or uranuim, and not recycle batteries!!!

    Still this bike is not gonna save the planet though, building any complex devices produces pollution and uses earth’s limited ressources… and as anything produced theses days, it’s probably going to be trashed after 5 or 6 years of use!!

  4. CT.

    Green?? Leaves no traces of carbon?? Don’t buy the hype – It moves the pollution out into the countryside (where the power stations are). Lots of pollutants in the battery (when created or disposed of). Add to that all of the losses through transmission and storage and all they have created is another technical-dodo like the Prius…
    Does it come with a decent sound system that can emit a throaty growl at 100db when you give it a fist-full??
    That’s not a bike – It’s a 2-wheeled golf cart.

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